Stefano Aluffi-Pentini, an art historian of Roman lineage, was brought up in an environment of art and culture thanks to a close relationship with his grandfather Bruno M. Apollonj Ghetti, who was an architectural historian and archaeologist, and amongst the scholars that discovered the tomb of St. Peter at the Vatican. Aluffi-Pentini completed his studies with a degree in Art History and a thesis in decorative arts, followed by several publications.  He then worked for Associazione

  Dimore Storiche Italiane and served as the director for the Galleria del Centro Culturale Francese in Rome. Fascinated by the historical residences that he had always known in his personal life,  Aluffi-Pentini created an organization that would allow others to enjoy these magnificent homes for their most extraordinary quality: they are first and foremost private residences, which are loved and cared for by their owners. In this spirit he founded A Private View of Italy in 1996.